Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March - The start of something new?...

- ...

- It's 2:46 pm now

- Just got back home from the office..

- Eat my merienda, Do the laundry.. start updating my blog...

- "...I'm Thinking of this person most of the time. What's with the person who calls you out of nothing?? Just to check you?? Just to check if you had your lunch?? maybe it's just nothing..."

- It's 5:35 pm

- Need to go back to the office by 7:00 pm..

- After work, meet up with my bestfriend in Dubai mall.. went to C.G..

- Partee and Drink 'til we see the sunlight..

Quote for today:

Never give meaning to a little act of sweetness for it might give you a wrong impression as well as expectation