Saturday, August 28, 2010

redmango + shawarma


- early shift for habibi and for me, i stayed in bed till 10am..

- had brunch with jogi(habibi's roommate) who is having a mild operation around 11:30 in the morning..

- 1-8pm is my shift.. so init sa labas..

- after work.. punta si habibi sa office.. with my favorite shawarma :)

- we went to dubai mall.. for redmango frozen yogurt.. (i still prefer the frozen yogurt from pinkberry)


- it's my off today..

- dinner at burjaman..

- watermalon shake :)


- after work, i went straight to MOE (mall of emirates).. wait ko si habibi kasi di pa tapos work nya..

- carrefour(supermarket) muna kami, to buy fruits and kung ano ano lang..while waiting for iftar.. 7:00pm break of fasting..

- then try namin yung pinkberry frozen yogurt!! hmmm.. mas okay siya kesa sa redmango..