Saturday, January 22, 2011

i'm confuse


- 6:30 A.M my phone wont stop buzzing!!.. reminding that i need to wake up..
- working from 8:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M.. Century Corned Tuna and bread for my lunch..
- i slept for more than an hour when i got back home..
- went to the gym.. Burned 300 calories.. I got my hair cut.. Bought some food at carrefour express..
- ate tuna and skyflakes + strawberry yogurt.. Shower.. Washed clored and white laundry..
- watched "Blackswan"
- my phone alarmed before 12 midnight.. This is my cue for me to call and greet you.. "Happy Birthday Habibi".. "I Love You"..
- ..but i did'nt make the call.
- it's already 2:00 A.M and im still up..

I've been ignoring and making distance to you.. I want to know, What will you do??

What if?.. I'm wanting you to long and look for me.. Maybe.. I'm expecting to much..

Do what will make you happy.. I'll be alright on my own.. Untill then..