Friday, May 7, 2010


- missing tita baby and tin2x..

- it's my off..

- woke up 4:30P.M, went to my bestfriend's house tambay lang...

- after an hour xtian dropped by and we went to bur dubai..

- it's almost 7:00P.M.. tortang giniling + sinigang na hipon for dinner..

- then we went out to canvas for the cheapest cost of Sony Ericson-X2.. (1700 AED)

- SE-X2 or Blackberry?.. aww...

- baskin robbins smoothie + sitting on coin-operated massage chair.. such a good break..

- then 3 of us went back to International city.. xtian brought his 2-old laptop + wireless modem/router (for me to fix)..

- brian(Best roommate) was there when we came back..

- i fixed the wireless modem/router..(Yehey! wireless connection is back)

(( hay's sumakit ulo ko dun.. cause the wireless modem/router requires you to have a phone jack port.. meron lang silang 3-LAN ports.. So what i did is connect the LAN cable to the LAN1 port of the wireless modem/router.. (This will work.. but it will disable the routing function of the device..) In layman's term - wireless modem lang labas nun.. grr sakin sa ulo.. ))

- hmm. my laptop and xtian's laptop are connected wirelessly but brian's laptop can't connect.. changed/remove the security for the wireless modem but nothing is working.. GRRR.. Di ko pa din alam kung bakit..

- there are 3-LAN ports , 1-connected to the wireless modem, 2-connected to best's laptop, 3-connected to brian's laptop.....

- anyway....

- 2-old laptop, One is HP and the other is Acer..

- HP is still booting up, the only problem is the drivers.. updated/installed the drivers successfully!!!

- when i tried to connect it wirelessly.. GRR. not working! it can see the SSID.. tried WEP/WPA even no security but it doesn't work.. grrr... ok fine i gave up... connect ko n lang using LAN cable.. HOly COw!!! ayaw din.. huhuhuhu.. i tried diffent LAN cable.. wuahh!! ayaw pa din...