Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm taken no more!

- time check: 8:30 A.M

- woke up two hours early before the alarm clock with my head spinning..

- checked my phone and i got two SMS from you.. just the normal SMS informing me that you'll be taking your lunch..

- took two tabs of (panadol)for my headache, then go to bed again...

- as i checked the time, i only got 6 minutes left before the company bus depart in front of our building

- luckily, i still have time to gargle, change my undies and clothes..

- almost 30 minutes of travel going to work...

- time check: 11:20 A.M

- one of my regular routine is to connect my mobile to the office's wi-fi connection..

- checked my facebook and read your message..

- or should i say your "break up message".. yeh how amazing!!! my long distance relationship is over... these days everything is done online..

- where is my chance to explain? i sent you a message last night, about my full conversation with this guy, what he is saying is contradictory to what you've said to me..

- break up with someone on F.B, i think anybody who does that is a coward. does not deserve to be with someone else because he/she is not mature enough.. Grow up!...

- you wanted me to delete you right?.. it's my pleasure..