Sunday, May 16, 2010

time will come..

If everything was everything but everything is over
Everything could be everything if only we were older
I guess it's just a silly song about you
And how i lost you and your brown eyes

- it is your right to speak out and be heard..

- your opinion in your relationship should be as important as his/her opinion..

- in order for the relationship to work out both should be equal to attend each other needs..

- kailangan pakinggan ang side mo, dahil kung hindi.. parang pinaramdan nya na din sayo na hindi importante ang feelings mo..

- normal ang mag selos, siguro pati na din ang maging paranoid minsan..

- pati na ang mag away.. hindi naman maiwasan yun..

- pero dapat may respeto pa din sa partner mo..

- sabi nga nga kasama ko sa work.. "love is a crazy thing.. sometimes you fight a lot.. which makes the relationship become more mature and for each of you to be a better person.."

05/16/10 - the next month is your special day.. or could be our special day..