Thursday, May 27, 2010


- no more internet connection for the concierge and control room department.. FCUK!! oh well.. i still have my BB.. buti na lang we still have free wireless connection sa office..

- daming guest today.. last guest went home around 12:20midnight..

- waiting for the 1:15A.M bus.. shawarma again :)

- pag dating sa bahay..kinuha ko lang damit, laptop, pati na din apple and grapes ko sa ref... mabubulok na lang di ko pa nakakain..

- slept over kela best..

- tom. is my off.. tulog kami around 5:00A.M :) HAPPY!!

"Na miss ko na si scrappy..I posted something that reminds me of him.. pag pinapaliguan ko sya..nakakatuwa sya.. floppy looking to skinny"