Saturday, May 29, 2010



- bus from I.C to rashidya..

- Train from rashidya to al rigga station

- went to this authentic shawarma resto.. food is cheap and delicious..

- wejdan cafe and resto it's actually near the clock tower..

- then from al rigga station to burjaman..

- gimik punta kami C.G

- waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. I don't want to keep on waiting..

- i waited in a indian fruit juice store...

- after i finish my watermelon shake.. i decided to go home..

- i got mad for waiting.. and went to the bus station..

- mas malamig dun kaya dun ako nag stay..

- best texted ppnta na daw sya C.G

- ayun nag punta kami C.G.. around 3:00A.M uwian na..


- breakfast with best..